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Do YOU dance ? Would YOU like to try clog dancing ? If you know left from right you’re half way there. Its not that difficult, we will show you the dances, a bit at a time so it’s easier and everyone will help you. We have all got it wrong to start with, its part of the leaning curve, there’s nothing to worry about (some of Crosskey have been dancing 20 plus years and still get it wrong !!). Its enjoyable, social and a bit of fun, lets face it, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be doing it !!!

Practice nights are Tuesdays, September through to May, at Newborough Village Hall for a couple of hours, then retiring for a beer, then in the summer months we dance out at different places. There’s events to dance at, pub nights, weekends away, it can be a very social family affair. If you don’t like it, at least you can say you gave it a go !!

 We are ALWAYS looking for musicians. Do you play an instrument ? Fancy bolstering the clog band ? Well, same applies come along to a practice night or event and see what you think. We can supply most of the dots if you want. We are still aiming for that three streets away big band !!!

If you would like to contact us regarding either booking us to dance or for more information about joining us please call Laura on 01733 267129 (answerphone during office hours but we will get back to you!) or you can E mail us here or fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible, please ensure you leave a valid contact number, you’d be surprised how many people forget!  

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